2 Minute Drill – IMS System Auditing Extension for Archibus

2 Minute Drill – IMS System Auditing Extension for Archibus


An integral part of managing an Archibus implementation is understanding who is accessing the system, what information are they reviewing, and if users are experiencing errors during the execution of their daily responsibilities. The IMS System Auditing Extension for Archibus provides organizations with the ability to review detailed logs of system performance, track system errors experienced by end-users and system processes, and review a log of all users that have logged in and out of the Archibus application.

IMS System Audit Extension for Archibus - IMS Consulting

As a core feature, the Archibus application provides data event logging to allow organizations to track when data in the system changes, what data changed, and who changed it. The IMS System Auditing Extension for Archibus also provides enhancements to this core feature by parsing all data event logs, displaying the captured events in easy-to-read reports, and performing analysis to help organizations understand the transaction load their users are placing on the system.

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