ARCHIBUS Utility Analysis Console

New Feature: Utility Analysis Console in Energy Management Application

The ARCHIBUS Energy Management application provides an effective avenue to track and manage energy use to control costs, reduce carbon footprint, and mitigate risk. The greatest benefit of using the ARCHIBUS Energy Management application is the data driven insight gained by organizations to optimize business decision making.

In the most recent release, ARCHIBUS v23.2 added a Utility Analysis Console. Energy managers who need to make strategic decisions on energy can use this console to get the full context for energy choices as they prioritize their remediation budget for retrofits or strive to meet yearly cost reduction targets. They can also take action on conditions they find by creating capital project requests for energy remediation, initiating an assessment project on an under-performing building, or sending an auditor out to perform a sustainability audit on a site with incomplete information.

  • Comparisons and Metrics – Metrics such as Energy Use per Person and Energy Use per Square Foot / Square Meter are generated to provide a frame of reference for a building and its performance. Buildings with similar purposes can easily be compared.
  • Details and History – Building details represent the historical and seasonal perspective of energy use to show the impact of completed remediation action or to view the changing energy usage pattern of the organization.
  • Equipment and IoT – If equipment and IoT solutions are connected to ARCHIBUS, actual consumption can be monitored on a granular meter-level. This data can differentiate the energy costs for energy intensive labs or for spaces that are sub-leased to other organizations.


ARCHIBUS Utility Analysis Console

Other benefits of the ARCHIBUS Energy Management Application include:

  • Reduce carbon footprint thereby reducing cost by approximately 5%
  • Forecasting tool that creates “what-if” scenarios that align with business goals
  • Mitigate risk with improved analyses and planning


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