2 Minute Drill – Compliance Management v.25

Manage complex compliance requirements proactively to help mitigate risk, ensure safe work environments, and reduce administrative burdens

Compliance Management Application

Property and facility professionals are responsible for providing safe, efficient, and productive work environments, yet they can face a bewildering array of codes and regulations with different schedules, costs, and implications for the organization.

Unlike spreadsheets or other non-integrated tools, Web-based Archibus provides a highly scalable solution to easily and efficiently negotiate the substantial data and record-keeping involved with regulatory compliance programs and permitting processes.

This helps reduce administrative costs and prevents costly disruptions such as occupational injuries, property damage, and shutdowns that may result from inadequate compliance practices.

Archibus helps mitigate risk to protect an organization’s reputation and enhance stakeholder value.


Ensure a safe, productive work environment by implementing a structured process to comply with regulations, codes, and/or best practices

Minimize the likelihood of regulatory actions including monetary fines and/or costly litigation resulting from inadequate compliance oversight

Lower the overall cost of maintaining a comprehensive, defensible program by reducing administrative time spent on data collection, notifications, and document management

Reduce the number of health and safety incidents and insurance premiums associated with them by identifying and correcting gaps

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About IMS Consulting
For more than a decade, IMS Consulting has delivered the full scope of ARCHIBUS-related services to both government and commercial clients. As a Virginia Certified Small Business, IMS Consulting provides our clients with personalized attention by experienced ARCHIBUS certified consultants. Our experts work with our clients to thoroughly understand how they do business, identify their unique needs, and pinpoint opportunities to better manage their infrastructure, employ more efficient work processes, and make smarter capital budgeting decisions—both today and over the long term.

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