2 Minutes Drill – ARCHIBUS Building Operations

ARCHIBUS Building Operations

As ARCHIBUS certified business partners, IMS Consulting offers the implementation of the ARCHIBUS Building Operations Application.

On Demand Work

Schedule, dispatch, manage, and report maintenance tasks efficiently using self-service capabilities to reduce operational costs and increase customer satisfaction

Efficiently managing maintenance tasks is vital to keeping your organization’s infrastructure and facilities running smoothly. Stay on track with ARCHIBUS On Demand Work – a Web-based application that automates all the steps of the on demand maintenance process, from requests, to approvals, to scheduling and work order issuance, to completion and feedback. On Demand Work’s self-service functionality helps lower operating costs by enforcing process control and keeping information current, accessible, and actionable. This centralized repository enables improved forecasting and budgeting to optimize operational effectiveness. Raise customer satisfaction levels by empowering requestors and communicating with them at every step of the process with ARCHIBUS On Demand Work.

Preventive Maintenance

Streamline and automate the PM process to proactively maintain critical assets, minimizing downtime and repair expense.

Ensuring that critical assets are in optimal condition requires effective maintenance processes to efficiently allocate resources, enforce procedures/schedules, and manage performance. Webbased ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance (PM) enables users to proactively maintain assets, efficiently balance schedules, optimize resources, and track key metrics. Simplify and improve PM processes with ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance to minimize costly repairs, reduce operational downtime, extend asset service lifecycles, and improve planning.

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2 Minute Drill – ARCHIBUS Real Estate Portfolio Management

ARCHIBUS Real Estate Portfolio Management

As certified ARCHIBUS Business Partners, we offer the implementation of the Real Estate Portfolio Management application.

Your facility areas, whether you own, lease, or sublease them, represent one of your organization’s most significant and expensive assets, and therefore one that it is important to track and analyze.

Portfolio Management

Improve the analysis and management of real estate assets to align the portfolio with the organizational mission. The application improves asset stewardship through comprehensive tracking and analysis of portfolio holdings. Provides multiple perspectives on portfolio performance to enable rapid, fact-based decisions.

Lease Administration

Centralize and automate lease administration processes to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and avoid penalties. It automates processes for lease tracking and management, as well as improves access of lease information to facilitate easy analysis and reporting.

Cost Administration

Centralize and streamline the processes of defining, allocating, and approving portfolio occupancy costs. The application complies with current changes to FASB 13, FAS 13 and FAS 13 GAAP requirements. It improves portfolio occupancy cost management and decision-making with advanced cost analysis/projection capabilities.

ARCHIBUS Real Estate Portfolio Management - IMS Consulting

Advanced Portfolio Forecasting

Project costs and simplify portfolio planning and forecasting to support multifaceted strategic space planning requirements. Align your multiyear strategic portfolio plan with overall business plan objectives. Project costs for advanced portfolio forecasting of space requirements. Optimize the strategic space plan at all levels—from the portfolio, city, site/campus, to the building and room levels.

Strategic Financial Analysis

Provide a unified, correlated view of real estate, infrastructure and facilities assets and costs so they are optimally aligned to support an organization’s mission. Provide a common operating picture to view capital and operating expenses for the portfolio. Evaluate the mix of leased and owned properties relative to space vacancy/occupancy/availability for specific buildings, campus/site, cities, regions or for the entire portfolio.

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ARCHIBUS Space Management

ARCHIBUS Space Management

The ARCHIBUS Space Management Application provides an integrated Web and mobile-based solution for viewing and managing an organization’s diverse types of space to ensure optimal space allocation.

With the ARCHIBUS Space Management application organization can finally answer that fundamental question, “What does my space look like?”

The application is made up of 4 distinct programs:

Strategic Space Planning

Simplify strategic space planning and forecasting to support multifaceted space planning requirements. Optimize space planning and forecasting at all levels from the portfolio, city, site/campus, to the building and room levels, as well as plan short, medium, and long-term “what-if” scenarios for organizations of all sizes.

Space Inventory & Performance

Evaluate performance and plan space usage to maximize efficiency and decrease total occupancy costs. The application delivers flexible, self-service reporting for effective space allocation and cost control. Improves evaluation of building performance and enables accurate benchmarking.

ARCHIBUS BIM Space Management

Personnel & Occupancy

Optimize space occupancy rates and improve planning capability to accommodate future expansion, consolidation, or re-balancing. The application provides immediate, accurate reporting of occupancy statistics for space usage and re-balancing purposes. Improve your forecasting accuracy for future needs based on current room availability and planned occupancy growth. Easily assign employees to temporary or permanent available space using highlighted drawings.

Space Chargeback

Streamline the chargeback process to increase space accountability and reduce occupancy costs. The application improves accuracy of departmental cost reporting for greater accountability on dedicated and common area space costs as well as assures more accurate planning based on current space costs and planned future growth projections that improve critical decisions on consolidations, moves, and acquisitions.

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ARCHIBUS is the #1 provider of real estate, infrastructure and facilities management solutions in the world, with expenditures for ARCHIBUS-related products and services exceeding $2.7 billion (US). With ARCHIBUS, organizations can use a single, comprehensive, integrated solution to make informed strategic decisions that optimize return-on-investment, lower asset lifecycle costs, and increase enterprise-wide productivity—reducing their infrastructure and facilities related costs by as much as 34%. Today, more than 8,000,000 ARCHIBUS users around the globe collectively save over $100 billion each year for their organizations. Available in 190 countries and more than 30 languages, ARCHIBUS is supported through a global network of over 1,700 professionals.

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ARCHIBUS Enterprise Asset Management

ARCHIBUS Enterprise Asset Management

Every facility manager knows that effective management of assets, such as furniture, equipment, and software, is essential to their organization’s mission. Yet managing the changeover of assets and staff while keeping an eye on costs can be overwhelming. ARCHIBUS provides transparency into an asset’s value, location, and disposition. With it, facility managers can increase organizational accountability, lower costs by re-purposing warehoused or underutilized assets, minimize risk by sizing their asset base for insurance and business continuity, and more easily provide accurate depreciation information to comply with accounting standards.


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ARCHIBUS Compliance Management

ARCHIBUS Compliance Management Application

An overview of the ARCHIBUS Compliance Management Application. Improve operational efficiency and significantly reduce the staggering costs, risks, complexity, and time associated with the management of regulations, compliance programs and their requirements.

Because regulatory requirements are so numerous, and because you might need to establish an audit trail to document your activity, managing your compliance programs can involve managing a great deal of data. The application includes features that facilitate entering data, and locating records and documents when you need them.

The application provides quick and easy access to comprehensive information regarding compliance program events, locations, documents, communications logs, notifications, and violations. This repository of information can be used to establish an audit trail when it is needed, and helps you to evaluate which requirements and locations put the organization most at risk for noncompliance.


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