Webinar – What’s New in ARCHIBUS v25.2

Webinar – What’s New in ARCHIBUS v25.2

ARCHIBUS V.25.2 is the first full-software release that is on our target quarterly cadence. ARCHIBUS V.25.2 contains the following major enhancements:

Return to Work

Planning to safely welcome employees back to the office is a concern for all facility managers. To support a return to work, ARCHIBUS V.25.2 supports:

  • Space planning cases
  • Social distance validation
  • Auto-cleaning after hoteling

Additionally, to support maintaining a safe environment after employees return to work, V.25.2 includes the Dynamic Workplace home page.

This is available for both ARCHIBUS Cloud and the full ARCHIBUS product.

Space Enhancements

Many enhancements designed for Return to Work were trends before the pandemic and will continue going forward.

Even if you do not use the Space features specifically for managing Return to Work, you can use the features for general space planning. For example:

  • Assigning employees to phases and days of the week

  • Designating employees as working remotely

  • Assigning room statuses

Application and User Interface Enhancements


You can now access reference docs for archived work using the Search and Manage Work Requests task.

Capital Projects

When working with projects, you can now import and export Microsoft Project 2016 projects.

Company Logo

Administrators can now display their customer logo in the view header using the System / System / ARCHIBUS Administrator – Application Configuration / Edit Logo task. Previously, a company entered its logo by overwriting \ab-core\graphics\customer-logo\customer-logo.png. Since sites working on a hosted Cloud deployment did not have easy access to this file, we have added this task so you can upload your logo file to the database.


The self-service Workplace view has the following enhancements:

  • Customers with a Corrective Maintenance license can now define problem types that will appear in the Workplace Service Catalog.
  • Workplace can now display a company logo, as described above.
  • Administrators can override the default Workplace colors to match customer brand colors. For example, you might configure Workplace to use a shade of yellow to match your company branding or use a red color scheme.

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