2 Minute Drill – Space Management v.25

2 Minute Drill – Space Management v.25

Optimize your workplace around the needs of your workers with ARCHIBUS Space Management v.25.

While space is a top 3 expense for most organizations, more than half of all office space is wasted. That is because space planners and corporate real estate professionals have incomplete insight into how workers engage with their environments throughout the day. Archibus boasts the industry’s most powerful solutions for optimizing workplaces around the needs of modern workers. Eliminate wasted space and create a better place to work, collaborate, and grow.

•Align workspaces with real needs

•Elevate your employee experience

•Eliminate wasted space

•Increase real estate capacity

Studies conducted in the US and around the world tell us that between 50% – 60% of workspace sits empty at any given moment. This waste not only highlights a lack of inability to accurately track and assign space in the corporate real estate landscape, but it also demonstrates a lack of visibility and understanding on behalf of organizations into how spaces are actually used. For example, most meeting rooms are designed for 6 people, yet average meeting attendance is closer to half of that, while private offices are empty more than 70% of the time on average. Most companies still assign one seat per person, but modern workers are just as likely to be away from their desks, working remotely or collaborating elsewhere.

These insights have awoken organizations to the opportunity in data-driven space planning to drive real estate savings and realign workplaces around the needs of their workers.

IMS Consulting - 2 Minute Drill - Space Management v.25
ARCHIBUS v.25.2 supports return to work occupancy plans with social distancing functionality.

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