2 Minute Drill – ARCHIBUS Overview v.25

2 Minute Drill |ARCHIBUS v.25 Overview

Archibus v.25, the Most Trusted IWMS, Just Got More Powerful and Intuitive

Industry Leading Solution for Facilities, Real Estate, and Workplace Management Gets a Dramatic New UI.

Archibus v.25 offers an integrated suite of solutions for aligning facility performance with mission success. The new version boasts performance enhancements and a transformed user interface (UI) – proof points for the deep investments that the Company is making for the future.

Companies are facing pressure to adapt their workplace to changing conditions. Archibus v.25 is uniquely capable of centralizing an organization’s entire inventory of floorplans, leases, equipment, and assets into a single, advanced platform. This design provides unparalleled transparency across processes and illuminates opportunities for increased safety and efficiency.

Underlying Archibus V25.1 is the same rigor for collecting, validating, and maintaining accurate portfolio data – a hallmark of Archibus software. The new UI, however, is designed to bring modern tools and visuals to the robust backend – simplifying the navigation between views, enabling personalized reports, and enhancing visibility into data points pertinent to daily objectives.

“Archibus was a pioneer in the Integrated Workplace Management Software category, serving companies throughout the globe to plan and manage their facilities. The need for software to help the workplace adapt to change has never been greater,” said Wain Kellum, Archibus + Serraview CEO. “V25.1 is yet another milestone in our ongoing efforts to have the easiest to implement, easiest to use workplace management platform in the market. The immediate result of our R&D efforts is that our customers are in the best position possible to adapt and respond to their changing needs as a result of the pandemic.”

The Archibus V25.1 platform offers organizations a suite of targeted modules designed to support the efficient operation of their facilities.

The Archibus modules include:

Space Management: Centralizes workplace management and streamlines relocation projects.  

Mobile Maintenance: Empowers service professionals to respond to work orders from the field.  

Preventive Maintenance: Proactive planned maintenance to prevent costly breaks and prioritize budgets.  

Asset Management: Extends asset lifecycles, informs capital planning, and helps prioritize high-value assets.  

Workplace Experience: Elevates the experience of employees, occupants, and visitors with an engaging system for room bookings and service requests.  

Lease Administration: Streamlines lease management to stay ahead of deadlines and costs.  

Capital Projects: Connects stakeholders with transparent project management.  

Health & Safety: Supports employee well-being with solutions that span from tracking health-related incidents in the workplace to emergency preparedness.  

Sustainability: Optimizes energy management and supports green initiatives to mitigate environmental impact.  

BIM: Simplifies the maintenance of complex environments with rich, 3D data models.  

Integrations: Centralizes data from financial and HR systems while integrating data from AutoCAD and Revit models.

Archibus V25.1 also brings powerful enhancements, including a new lease management module, to Archibus Cloud, the SaaS version of Archibus technology with a faster implementation time.

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