We utilize the ARCHIBUS Implementation Methodology™ rooted in 30 years of ARCHIBUS experience as a pioneer in the development of real estate, infrastructure, and facilities automation solutions. It also aggregates the acquired deployment knowledge based on the best practices and benchmarks of our global footprint of users. Today, you can successfully deploy an ARCHIBUS “commercial off-the-shelf” solution in as little as 30 days.

The increased information available through an IWMS system impacts every part of an organization and has the potential to dramatically increase the efficiency and productivity of the organization. Scoping the IWMS opportunity provides for a better understanding and awareness of the potential benefits.

The Implementation Methodology is a phased Systems Development Life Cycle model based on Project Management best practices specifically tailored to the unique challenges of implementing an IWMS. The model is built on the backdrop of Project Management and Change Management activities that span the entire life cycle of the implementation.