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Many businesses view meetings as mission-critical. But do you know how much time is lost to inefficient meetings? In the latest SpaceIQ guide—Stop Wasting Time: A Guide to More Efficient Meetings—inefficiencies found in a study of a large communications company and tips for putting power back into meetings with better space configuration and employee movement are shared.

Learn how to:

– Identify Meeting Time Waste: Leverage your IWMS and CAFM platforms to gauge when and where meetings occur and how employees use conference rooms.
– Rethink Room Use: Determine what teams use which rooms the most and relocate them to cut down on travel time.
– Use Presence Sensing: Sensors can gauge the time employees spend in a meeting room and how many people attend. Data can help facilities managers configure conference space for optimal use.

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Recapture Time Lost to “Zombie” Meetings

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