BUILDER™ Sustainment Management System (SMS) is a financial planning tool developed by ERDC’s (U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center) Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) to determine when, where and how to best maintain building infrastructure. The United States Department of Defense recognized a need to standardize asset sustainment and condition assessment for funding purposes and mandated all its agencies to use the BUILDER™ SMS. BUILDER™ SMS requires users to input asset data, and in turn provides standardized metrics for condition, functionality and remaining service life.

The ARCHIBUS Extensions for BUILDER™ SMS provides a bi-directional integration between BUILDER™ SMS and ARCHIBUS that allows organizations to share information between the two systems. Common reasons why organizations decide to implement the ARCHIBUS Extensions for BUILDER™ SMS include:

  • Organizations already use ARCHIBUS as the source of record for their assets, but they maintain selected asset inventory records in BUILDER™ SMS as well.
  • Organizations use BUILDER™ SMS as the source of record for their assets, but they want to do more with their data than BUILDER™ SMS can offer.

ARCHIBUS Extensions for BUILDER™ SMS are agency agnostic, as each agency has its own requirements for asset tracking, condition reports, and maintenance estimates.



ARCHIBUS is a cost-effective means to provide additional analyses and reports on BUILDER™ SMS data. The ARCHIBUS Enterprise Asset Management application, the ARCHIBUS Strategic Financial Analysis application, and the ARCHIBUS Metrics Framework provide a top-down, enterprise view of the organizations data.

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